Drowning Dog Swims To Boat And Begs For His Life

A video of a drowning dog approaching a boat full of sailors has touched the heart of millions all over the world. Thankfully, the kind-hearted sailors welcomed him aboard. .

In a remote part of the Volga River in Russia, a crew of sailors were fighting the currents and bashing their boat across the frigid ice waters. Pushing back the icebergs, and ice sheets, giving way through the permafrost.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one of the sailors spot a small brown spec in the distance. Something bobbing up and down in the current. A figure, no bigger than a smear in the horizon.

Taxing himself, and his crew, for better view. The sailor manages to identify the lone blemish. A dog, out in the river, clinging desperately and with the last ounces of his life to a solitary piece of floating icy flotsam.

The animal’s claws pawing endlessly at the tiny ice cube. Fingers digging into the snow cover surface, half his body falling by the edge, slithering into the frigid surf.

Rapidly the crew near the creature, knowing full well that a minute more might very well spell doom for the poor dog. They catch up to the drowning dog, and bravely fish him out of the blackish caps.

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