Man Won’t Leave Dangerous Island. Why? I’m In Tears.

This man is proof that angels walks among us. A former Japanese construction worker is currently living within the 12.5 mile exclusion zone Fukushima to feed and take care of the animals left behind by the former residents of the area.

Naoto Matsumura was forbidden by the Japanese government to live in the area but he still does so anyway. He took it upon himself to take care of the cats, dogs, ostriches, cows and various other animals in the area who wouldn’t survive without his help. Matsumura relies solely on donations from people all over the world.


Fukushima is a highly radioactive area but even so, Matsumura vows to remain in the area as long as the animals continue to thrive there. He’s not even a tad bit worried about radiation poisoning especially now that he’s already 55 years old and doesn’t feel like he’s going to live 30 to 40 years when the radiation is expected to finally takes its toll.

His only precaution is to never eat anything from within the radiation zone. All his food are imported from outside the zone.

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