These dogs are taking back what is rightfully theirs from tyrannic cats

Most of the time, dogs and cats are not the best of friends. They’re just not. Their personalities don’t match, their manners don’t match and what is perceived as polite to dogs are rude to cats.


But it’s inevitable that there are animals lovers who adore both species and keep them alongside each other. So cats and dogs are forced to live in the same abode and every day, the look into dominating each other and antagonizing each other. We all know too well that most of the time, the feline wins this. They have deep, really focused stares that will sned a shiver down any dog’s spine.


In the video next page, dogs find cats occupying their comfy sleeping spots and their reaction is just downright priceless. In choosing between fight and flight, many dogs found themselves fighting for what is rightfully theirs. The peaceful ones just went ahead and slept in their beds anyway… screw the cat.