Why Dogs Eat Grass?

According to dog health experts, it is completely normal for dogs to nibble on grass. Here are four reasons why your dog love to chew on random greens.

1. Dogs are natural-born scavengers.

Unlike cats, dogs are not carnivores. Before dogs were raised by humans as pet, they were scavengers who would find nutrition from every source possible. Their diet is made of grass-eating animals, berries, and all sorts of fruits and vegetables. When they eat a prey, they would spare nothing– not even the grassy contents of its stomach.

2. Your dog is unhealthy.

This still goes back to dogs being scavengers. If they are not properly nourished by commercial diet, their instincts as scavenger kick in. They would find the essential nutrients from other sources such as grass. When this happens,feed your dogs some vegetables but make sure they are cooked, not raw. Dogs love their veggies cooked!

3. Your dog finds grass yummy.

Yes, it can be as simple that. You dog loves grass, or certain types of grass because of its moisture, taste and texture!

If your dog loves greens so much, you might want to consider creating your own garden. This will reduce the risk of your dog getting poisoned by pesticides and herbicides found in outdoor grass.

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