Dogs circus to cheer up sick kids and elderly people

The amazing Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan adopts dogs and train them for performances to delight sick kids and the elderly. The circus has been around for over 50 years and they perform not only in Japan but in some parts of Asia as well.

At first, the circus was a group that merely adopt strays to save them the horrors of the street. They eventually decided to put the dogs to good use by starting a circus in an effort to show the world how talented dogs are and how cute they can be. What makes the circus group even more amazing is that they truly love dogs and care for them until they pass away.

The Super Wan Wan Circus currently holds three Guinness World Records: one is for jumping rope, another is for the number of times a dog can walk around a trainer’s neck within 30 seconds, and for jumping trainer’s spinning leg.

What a truly noble cause. More power to the Super Wan Wan Circus.