Dogs All Over US Come To Las Vegas To Comfort Survivors Of Horrific Shooting

Even for just a short while, those affected were able to forget the horrible thing that had just happened. They got down on the ground to get cozy with the comfort dogs.

They also visited schools in the affected area, hoping to spread cheers among children and put a smile on their place that no one else but dogs can!

“Everyone wants to pet the dogs,” Tim Hetzner, LCC president, told The Dodo. “Some people just want to lay on the ground with them and talk. The dogs are like a bridge for people to talk about what’s bothering them. The dogs are confidential, they’re good listeners and they’re nonjudgmental. And talking about things is one of the most important ways to heal.”

The dogs also participated in the candle light vigil honoring those who have fallen during the attack. Their presence is indispensable during desperate times like this.

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