Dogs All Over US Come To Las Vegas To Comfort Survivors Of Horrific Shooting

Trained comfort dogs descended upon Las Vegas to bring comfort to survivors of the senseless shooting that transpired on Sunday. The dogs hope to alleviate the pain and grief that the community feels.

The effort was made possible, thanks to the Lutheran Church Charities (LCC). Within hours of the massacre, 17 comfort dogs and their handlers were preparing to come down to Vegas.

Some of these dogs came from very faraway, all the way from Nebraska and Illinois. Despite the long journey, the dogs and their handlers are unfazed and even made people smile along the way.

The dogs did not waste any time. They comforted people as soon as they made it to Las Vegas.

They made rounds in hospitals, visiting grief-stricken survivors and their families. Spreading love and cheers as much and as far away as they can.

Their presence also comforts the staff, who are also affected by the incident. Their gentle and uplifting presence is desperately needed and could not have come at a better time.

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