Dog Refuses To Leave Stranger’s Graveyard. The Reason Made Me Tear Up.

This is the heartbreaking story of a stray dog who lost her puppy. She was spotted by high school student Hunter Cone burying her dead young in Laurel Grove Graveyard in Savannah, Georgia. The dog has been guarding the area ever since and refuses to leave.

Cone didn’t name the dog yet. With three dogs already in the family, Cone is treading lightly so he won’t get attached to the poor stray.

“I feel that would personally get me attached to dog to the point I can’t give her away,” he said. For now the plan is to try and get the dog out of the cemetery and bring her to animal control before setting her up with a foster family.

“She’s very scared [but] she’s not aggressive at all,” said Cone. I hope a loving family steps in to adopt her and hopefully, fill the void left by her puppies’ passing.

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