Arizona Says Bye To Dog Racing, Breeders Could Be Next!

Dog racing is finally ending in Arizona, thanks to a bill ratified by the Senate. Arizona’s last surviving dog track will be shut down, lawmakers from Phoenix voted to pass a bill that would shut the gates close on Tucson Greyhound Park come the end of the year.

The decision, rectified as HB 2127, was officiated by the State. A voting that was not contradicted nor fought by the local racetrack owners.

Lobbyist Michael Racy explained that owners were not interested in the dog racing business anymore. First of all, the enterprise is not as profitable as it once was, plus dog racing has also been facing scrutiny and outrage from animal-rights groups.

Animal Rights Activiss  have hailed the deal, claiming that such activities were barbaric and would often result in the dog’s death.

In other news, the House also passed SB 1248, a provision that gained preliminary approval to legislate a formal ordinance that would prevent cities in Arizona from enacting bills limiting pet stores to selling only shelter and rescue dogs.

On the other hand, opposing groups full of Animal Rights Activists contend that commercially bred animals are raised in inhumane conditions regardless of the approval of U.S. Department of Agriculture. However, they decided not to oppose SB 1248 when the state fortified the current statute.

For instance, pet stores are required to  list the breeder of all cats and dogs sold within their shops. Moreover, breeders will be subjected to fines and even the inability to continue business if it is discovered that they are mistreating the animals.