Happy Dog MUMBLES When Told They Are Going To Dog Park

If there’s a place any dog wouldn’t say no to, it would be the dog park! Going out for a walk, catching the morning’s rays, feasting on the majesty of nature is one of those simple treasures we constantly take for granted.

A small stroll down the park, for most of us, is nothing more that a shortcut we use to get to someplace far more pressing.

For dogs, those furry fine fellas’ we call friends, that all too natural and trivial occurrence is pure ecstasy.


They revel, with and abandoned joy, whenever the possibility presents itself. Swarming with brimming hopefulness and absolute happiness. Their pores seeping with what can only be described as liquid glee.

In a way, they are constant reminders for us, to mend and take care of those loose passing moments, we generally don’t register. Dogs, unlike humans, live in the now, not the future, let alone the past.

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