Dog Lover Builds Glamorous Bed Room For Beloved Pet Dog

The room, which is located under the stairs, is equipped with a crush velvet couch, mood lighting, shag rugs and lots and lots of toys for her entertainment.

Not too shabby for a pet dog. Actually, not shabby at all even for human standards since I assume not many of us have a velvet couch or mood lighting in the room.

There’s also a “Molly’s Bedroom” sign hanging outside the posh pad. McGowan did most of the heavy lifting which took him a week and cost him $400. Ardle came in handy in installing the door frame and the ambient lighting for the small pooch.

Check out Molly’s new digs in the photos below.

The new bedroom really put Molly in good spirits. When the couple’s baby, who now goes by the name Catelyn, came to be–Molly was keen on her role as her older sister!

Look at the siblings together.

“It couldn’t have gone any better,” McGowan gushed. “Honestly, Molly has been great with her. She’s very gentle. She’s still a young dog, so she wants to play with everybody…but with the baby she’s very, very gentle. She’ll just sniff at her feet.”


H/T ABC News