Dog Lover Builds Glamorous Bed Room For Beloved Pet Dog

Dog owners go through incredible lengths to ensure the comfort and happiness of their pet dogs. Oftentimes, their efforts could easily be deemed excessive and unnecessary but they do it anyway in the name of love.

In Scotland, a doting dog owner builds a beautiful room for his dog after he found out that his wife is pregnant with their first child. Michael McGowan was unsure how their West Highland White Terrier named Molly would react to the upcoming newborn and wasn’t just going to kick the poor pet dog on a curb.

So he decided to build her a beautiful bedroom to appease her.

“We weren’t really sure how she would be with a baby because she had been our spoiled little baby up to that point,” Michael McGowan told ABC News.

McGowan sought the help of master builder Paul McArdle to create the perfect bedroom for little Molly.

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