Dog Inspires Divorced Woman To Create A Multi-million Dollar Business Empire

A woman in her 50s just just got a divorce; leaving her alone, miserable and severely in debt. But her life turned around when she decided to heal herself by adopting a dog.

Carolyn Gardner divorced her husband at age 52. Depressed from the aftermath of a messy termination of marriage, a friend suggested she gets a dog to help her heal. Gardner decided to adopt an English Bulldog and named her Zelda.

The cute little pup turned Gardner’s life around and helped her discover the talent she didn’t know existed inside her.

Gardner entered a Greeting Card competition with 40 pounds of dog food every month for year in mind. If she wins the competition, she won’t have to worry about Zelda’s food for a year. Gardner won the competition and along the way, discovered that she’s really good at making greeting cards!

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