7 Foods That Make Your Dog Farts Stink!

It’s never good to have your dog farts stink. Sitting next to a gassy dog is not a pleasant experience; unbearable if you may. A dog breaking wind can smell so bad it dissolves a group and clear the room. In some cases, flatulence can be a symptom of a serious underlying cause but it could also be that one thing you threw into his food this morning that’s causing it.

Anyway, if you’re pretty sure that overbearing smell in the air is coming from your dog, check out if you’ve fed him any of these foods.

1. Expired dog food and treats – Always check the label to make sure you’re not feeding your dog expired goods. Ingesting un-fresh dog food and treats can lead to diarrhea and other serious intestinal issues, which starts with stinky dog farts.

2. Dairy – Humans and dogs share many traits, one of which is lactose intolerance. According to a statistic published on Genetics Home Reference, 65 percent of the adult population experience a reduced ability to digest lactose, a form of sugar in dairy products. Dogs, on the other hand, simply cannot digest dairy and ingestion could late to acute intestinal distress.

Some dogs can eat dairy without any problems but on the off-chance that it could back fire, we don’t suggest dog owners feeding their dog dairy products.

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