1 In 4 Dogs Suffers From Dog Depression. Here Are The Common Causes

Dog depression is a serious yet often overlooked condition. Do not ignore when your four-legged best friend is hurting. Help him like he would help you.

Dogs may not be able to easily display the variables, but they do nonetheless fall victim to the pull of depression. Love, lust, anger, sorrow, whimsy and all others play havoc on a puppy’s heart.

All of them may very well be flitting and stationary, yet some grow roots and stay fastened to our dog’s soul for a period. Dog depression, the onset of sorrow and turmoil is one of these virulent demons.

There are a couple of ways to fine tune your radar and pick up on whether or not your dog suffers from such an awful malady. 6 causes that promote this psychological illness in 1 out of 4 dogs.

1. Pain of medical problems

“Many times, canines exhibit symptoms of dog depression when there is something physically wrong with them. Behavior changes may indicate the existence of a medical problem.”

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