Puppy Covered In Glue Fights To Stay Alive. Now Unrecognizable With New Family!

What kind of person would think of committing a dog cruelty? The appropriate answer should be no one. But unfortunately, this was not the case.

A group of heartless kids thought it was amusing and fun to immerse a helpless pup in glue and then drag him through the mud. A horrible, inhuman dog cruelty act.

This is how Pascal was found by the international rescue group named He`Art of Rescue in Istanbul, Turkey.

He was urgently taken to the veterinarian hospital for medical attention.

He arrived at the clinic inside a cardboard box, stiff as a statue, barely walking and breathing. The glue hardened like cement to PascalĀ“s skin becoming his second fur.

Because he tried to rub the glue away by rolling on the ground, parts of his skin were bloody peeled. Also, one of his ears was completely necrotic.

Turn to the next page to find out how PascalĀ“s life was saved. A miraculous happy ending.