Dog Sits Right Next To Crime Victim. What Happened Next Is So Touching!

I can only imagine how difficult it is for victims of crime to speak out of the abuse they have gone through. Those horrifying memrories–you just want to forget them. But in order for justice to work in favor of these victims, they have to relive those terrible memories when they tell their story.

But the Delta Prosecutor’s Office is out to make the ordeal a little easier on the victims. They are bringing in Charlie, a yellow Golden Retriever, to become the first canine crime victim advocate.Delta county

What he does is provide a soothing presence in the office to make the interview process more smooth sailing, Charlie’s presences aims to make the process less intimidating and the victims more comfortable in the office environment.

With his winning charm and non judging attitude, the Delta Prosecutor’s Office has very high expectations of Charlie. They are very impressed with his demeanor.

Go to the next page to watch this story in full. The addition of canine crime victim advocates is a beautiful and truly brilliant idea.

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