Dog Collar Claims To Translate Barks Into Human Language!

That’s it, we’ve finally done it. We finally did the impossible. My answer to such a development, as the one I’m about to show you, a dog collar that translates barks to human language, is simple: “Shut up and take my money!”

Fetch, a pet store for Ocada, is hoping to give dog collars a swift kick in the keyster with their new technological breakthrough. They have a range of new supplies and thingamabobs, but it is their dog collar that’s really taking the animal world by storm.

“WhatsYapp” is a dog collar that claims to be able to translate barks into human speech. By connecting the device to your phone, the dog collar is able to tell you, via messages, exactly what your dog is trying to tell you.

The dog collar, with a built in microphone, has an algorithm that basically associates your pet’s behavior, attitude and speech with a learning application. This formula then makes creative predictions based on data collected through its various monitors.

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