Dog Allergy Made Dog MISERABLE. When They Found Out The Source–OMG!

Dog allergy, like all akkergies, in general are a pain in the ass. There is nothing worse than wanting to be close to your puppy and discovering that you simply can’t.

Well, the condition, as it turns out is a two way street. We have dog allergies, and animals, meanwhile, can develop human allergies.

dog allergy

Meet Adam. Adam is a black lab that has been through the wringer. He had been abandoned on the outskirts of Indianapolis.

Adam was saved by a couple of good samaritans from the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue. Adam, nonetheless, despite all the trials and efforts wouldn’t get better. He had a horrible skin condition and his immune system was severely compromised.

“We feed him the best food possible, got him flea free, gave him baths twice a week, special baths from the vet,” Robin from the Retreat told Littlethings. Turn to the next page to see Adam’s fight against his allergy to human dander!

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