Doberman Grabs Baby’s Diaper, Throws Her Across Yard Away From Deadly Snake

When you adopt a dog, you know at one point he will return the favor. It may be through a daily supply of slobbery kisses and silliness…Or even save one of your family member’s life!

The latter was the case for this family in Atheron, Australia. When Catherine adopted Khan, a Doberman, they didn’t expect him to return the favor so quickly.

Catherine described Khan as a calm, loyal and loving dog. However, on his fourth day in the family home, he became unusually aggressive around Charlotte, the family baby.

Before Catherine could check out on Khan and Charlotte, she noticed the family dog pick up the baby by the diaper and then flung her across the yard. Catherine rushed to the duo to see what Khan is up to.

But Catherine couldn’t be thankful when she realized what Khan did! Go to the next page to see the rest of this incredible story.

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