Distressed Dog Survives House Fire, Thanks To Off-Duty Firefighter

A distressed dog had given up home when a family home was engulfed in flames. Thankfully, a man who happened to be an off-duty firefighter passed the burning home and became the hero of the day.

A terrible fire broke out one evening at the home of the Gourleys last week. Thankfully, the family was not at home at the time of the tragic event. Yet, unfortunately their family pet was.

Samson, their black Bouvier, was trapped inside the burning inferno with no means of escape. The neighbors could not engage the house but quickly called 911 in hopes of obtaining a rescue for the furry family member.

Suddenly, a hero approached the scene in a grey mustang. No one knew who it was but a man flew from the car and shouted, “I do this for a living!” Then the man ran into the burning building.

Moments after the man set the distressed dog down, the roof of the house collapsed. The unmasked man was gone in a flash as he jumped into his car and hurried away. No one even had time to thank this hero for his actions. So who was this mysterious savior?

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