Man Finds Discarded Puppy Inside Electric Fan Box

A discarded puppy was found inside an electric fan box abandoned right next to a highway. It was not quite the score a man named Al was hoping for but he sure was thankful to have found the pup.

We have all seen a random box on the side of the road at one point or another. Yet, most of us think nothing of it as we drive by. For one man, what was inside the box was not at all what he expected.

In Collin County, TX, a man was on his way to work and noticed a box on the side of the road. It looked like a fan box but it was all taped up. Al knew they could use a fan at work so he quickly stopped his truck and put the box inside the bed of his truck.Then he proceeds to a gas station where he opened the box.

When Al opened the taped box, he quickly realized that there was definitely no fan in the box. What he did see was a big surprise. “The prettiest little eyes looked at me. She was scared to death,” he said.

Upon opening the box he saw a little discarded puppy shivering with fright. Al immediately called the Anna Police Station.

This discarded dog was lucky but the person who did this was not so lucky. Find out what happened on the next page.

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