Depressed Dog Waits In Street Where His Mom Was Struck Dead By Truck

A depressed dog receives an outpour of love and sympathy from all over the world after his mum was struck dead by a truck and he waits at the spot where he last seen here. He refuses to leave.

Kelly Black is one of millions of dog owners who walk their dog each day. Kelly was walking her dog Paco when she was tragically hit by a semi and drug almost a block down the road.

Kelly was left lifeless, on the road, but the driver of the truck was not around. Fox 4 News reports that the driver of the semi has not been identified and may not even know he struck her.

So what become of Paco? The depressed dog was found uninjured, waiting at the scene of the crime. However, be advised that the rest of this story reflects a heartbreaking event for Paco.

Although the depressed dog was physically unharmed, he was certainly mentally distraught. Fox 4 News states that Paco was found lying in the middle of the street where he last saw Kelly alive.

Kelly’s family reported that Kelly and Paco were inseparable. Although Kelly didn’t have any human children, Paco was her baby. Go to the next page to see Paco wait for his owner Kelly to come back.