Dog Was Crying At The Shelter. What His Owner Did Will Break Your Heart.

The sad reality is that not all dog owners consider their dog family members. When things get rough, it’s always the dog that goes first.

Staff at the Carson Animal Care Center were grating their teeth upon the sight of a dog owner who was laughing his butt off as he watches his scared and distraught Pit Bull crying at the shelter. The Pittie know he will be left behind, thus his tears but instead of gentle caresses and assurance that he will be fine, the owner made fun of the dog’s misery. jack the pitbull at the shelter

The dog’s name is Jack. He’s a Pit Bull; 2 years of age at the time.

Thankfully, someone stepped in and gave Jack a new lease in life. We know all too well what happens to dogs that don’t get adopted. Therefore, we encourage dog owners to always keep in mind that a lot of dogs that are put in shelters never make it out alive.

Statistics shows that millions of dogs are euthanized every year, all because their owners gave up on them.

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