Study Proves That Crazy Dog People Are NOT So Crazy After All!

If the world is merely an insane asylum, and dog people have their own wing, then more than half of Earth’s population needs to be locked up.

It turns out, according to a well researched investigation, that the inmates are running the cooco-house. A survey, conducted in Great Britain, has determined that being a “crazy dog person” is actually really normal.

It turns out that on an average, dog owners, particularly does that go way beyond the call of duty, aren’t barking mad, compared to the rest of society.

According to Daily Mail, a well planned data research, among 2000 puppy owners has shed light on some of the startling statistics dog lovers have fallen into.

56% of pooch enthusiasts plant kisses on their pets, almost the same number cooks special gourmet meals for their four-legged friends.

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