They Watched A Dog Is Peacefully Sleep In The Sun, Then A Sneaky Bird Did THIS To Him!

Old dogs are awesome. They are well-mannered, less energetic and birds could be plucking their hair while they are napping and they won’t even care. To prove my point, we are featuring a super adorbs dog in this video who couldn’t care less if a sneaky bird is plucking the fur off his lower back.

My two cents is that this bird is going to use the dog’s fur to create a nest which I personally have no qualms about. The bird probably just wants a nice, fluffy spot for her future babies and what’s a more suitable material to cradle her newborns than the fur of an unsuspecting gentle giant?bird plucking dog fur

The old dog eventually woke up from all the plucking but he remains too tired to open his eyes. The bird got away unscathed, with many strands of dog fur in her mouth.

What a sight to witness. How generous of the dog to share a very small fraction of his mounds of fur.

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