Coyote Find An Old Dog Toy. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind!

This is one of those moments that many of us will never get to see in our lifetime. And for those who do, it’s a moment that they will never forget for the rest of their life.

When photographer Pamela Underhill Karaz of Trenton Falls, New York was having her morning coffee, she witnessed something truly magical! And the best part? She got it on camera.

You see, Underhill lives in a massive 48 acres of forest and field so she has her own share of wildlife in the area. While on the porch with her coffee, she saw a coyote pop up in her quarter-mile driveway. A third through the road, he decided to make a detour and went into the bushes. He eventually popped up at the edge of Underhill’s yard where he chanced upon an old dog toy.

“We’ve had coyotes living around us for years. We hear them mostly during the summer evenings,” she told MNN.

The coyote hesitantly approached the toy. He looked at it, sniffed it and not too long after, started playing with it like a puppy. It’s truly beautiful how a non-domesticated animal can enjoy a dog toy the way this coyote did. He is a wild canine with a loving pet’s heart.

“[He] picked it up then proceeded to toss it up in the air and play with it, just like a dog would toss a toy around. It lasted perhaps five to 10 minutes, from picking up the toy, tossing it in the air, picking it up again and almost bucking around with it … then he just casually trotted off with it.”