Cancer Survivor Dog Cheers Up Millions With His Natural Charm! Lots Of Breathtaking Photos.

Everyone, meet Gluta, a cancer survivor dog. At first glance, you would think that she has always been a happy dog with a great life but that’s not quite the case. Her life started out pretty terribly as a stray dog plagued with many serious illnesses. We would not be seeing Gluta’s beautiful smile if it weren’t for the compassion and efforts of his now owner Sorasart Wisetsin.

Gluta and Sorasart first met when the former was staying in a dormitory in Thailand. Since dogs aren’t allowed in the dorm, Sorasart meets
with Gluta at the parking lot everyday so he can feed and hang out with her. Sorasart told his fans on social media that he was drawn to Gluta because ‘she really was so nice and so neat’.gluta the dog with sunflower

One day, Sorasart noticed that there appears to be something wrong with the dog. He took her to the vet. They found out that she had metritis that could lead death if left untreated. Her womb had to be removed.

But Gluta’s health only went downhill from there. After further tests, the vet found out that the poor dog has cervical cancer. Most dog owners would choose the easy way out but Sorasart fought for Gluta with all he’s got, letting her undergo chemotherapy and laser surgery to remove the cancer cells. it took her a year and a half to fully recover from devastating illnesses.

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