Caged Dogs To Be Killed For Meat Saved, Savors Life For The First Time

Certain fellows, certain pets, certain dogs get the wrong end of the stick right out of the gate. No matter how cute, heartwarming or simply good-natured some dogs were born under a bad a sign, behind the proverbial eight ball, a dark star heralding bad tidings.

Bad luck edges its way right out of the birth canal into their lives. About sixty delightful dogs had suffered these dreadful arrows of a rather dreadful fate and destiny as they were awaiting a bleak future at a Korean meat market.

One of the cruelest action, these dogs have had to suffer is the fact that, despite their years, they have spent a lifetime jailed and canned in pens. Caged behind bars, never having experienced the joys of freedom.

However, this variable score and army of lovely dogs have just been rescued by a San Francisco animal protection agency from a Korean meat farm.

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