Bull Terrier Offers Wisdom From Doggy Heaven in Superbowl Ad

Superbowl ads; who doesn’t love them? We sure do, especially when they feature man’s best friend. 2017 didn’t disappoint, as Bud Light brought us this hilarious ad featuring Spuds, a wise Bull Terrier, looking out for his human Bryan.

We all know our four-legged friends are always looking out for us. It’s something we grow accustomed to, as the only way we can describe our bonds with our dogs is true friendship!

When we feel lonely on a rainy day, our dogs are there to keep us company. When we suffer heartbreak, our dogs offer us unconditional love. When we’re in danger from that nasty mailman, our dogs won’t hesitate to pounce and protect. Yes, a bond between a human and their dog is truly special!

This ad emphasizes this special friendship between a human and their dog, by showing how Spuds looks out for Bryan… from beyond the grave!

Although the passing of a furry pal is no topic to make light of, it’s comforting to know that they too never forget us. That they’re there for us, even from doggy heaven.

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