These Brave Dogs Are Jumping Out Of Helicopters, And Here’s The Reason Why!

Dogs are incredible creatures. This story is here to show that there’s no end to the many amazing things that dogs can do.

A dog school in Lake Iseo, Italy is training Newfoundlands to rescue distressed people in water. Although popularly known as mountain dogs, Newfies are very strong swimmers that are capable of rescuing people with their amazing swimming skills. Newfies trained by the school have made over a hundred rescues since inception.

At the Italian Dog Rescue School, a few lucky Newfoundlands are not only trained to swim and bring people to safety but also to jump off choppers. They are the world’s first airborne dog rescue team.

The school is the brainchild of Feruccio Pilenga. He came up with the idea almost three decades ago in 1988 when he trained his own dog to rescue distressed people on water.

Newfies are naturally strong swimmers but it still takes them three years of training to become airborne rescue dogs under the tutelage of Italian Dog Rescue School.