Black Labrador Has Rare Condition So He Looks Like A Super Hero!

A black Labrador Retriever has a rare condition that makes him look like a character straight out of a comic book. The condition is called vitiligo and it is a non fatal disease that affects all mammals.

Vitiligo usually presents itself as a sporadic de coloration of patches of skin. Such a genetic imperfection Рas it were Рconstantly changes the the appearance of the epidermis.

It mutates and gives off a rather unusual, and at often times, unsettling image of its host.


Rowdy, a 13-year-old Black Labrador, is one of this ill-fated canines. He has no other choice but to endure the afrontary that vitiligo as subjected him to.

Constantly dealing with his condition, unaware of the turse looks his visage solicits from strangers. Go the next page to see the rest of the story.


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