Goldendoodle Gets A Puppy For His Birthday And His Reaction Has Been Viewed Over 5 Million Times!

Rhett was very excited but he was visibly confused. He sniffed the pup, but then got shy and ran away!

The footage cuts to mum taking the puppy out of the box. Rhett was right next to her, eager to assess the new pupper again!

The new puppy,  who was later on named Scarlett, was just as confused as Rhett. She is also a Goldendoodle like her older brother.

Although unsure, she was happy to meet Rhett. You can see her happily wagging his tail in the video.

He would sniff, wag his tail, look away and repeat. Check out their adorable meeting below.

Towards the end of the video, you can see Rhett warming up to his puppy. He even did multiple victory laps in celebration to having a new friend!

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