Goldendoodle Gets A Puppy For His Birthday And His Reaction Has Been Viewed Over 5 Million Times!

Getting a new puppy is exciting. Not only for people but for dogs too!

While hanging out with humans is fun for a dog, there’s no replacement for pack made of other dogs! They operate on different rules and play accordingly, which we human beings cannot quite satisfy!

That’s why Rhett Barkley, a Goldendoodle, couldn’t contain himself when he got a new puppy for his birthday!!! His reaction had me, and over five million other people all over the world, smiling from ear to ear!

Let’s face it, it was a treat for Rhett and his family, too! They are ready for a second dog and Rhett definitely deserves a playmate <3

So the video starts with Rhett’s owner calling him so he can check out his birthday present.

Upon opening, the most adorable puppy greeted Rhett with a wagging tail and a smile! He was confused and excited at the same time.

Turn to the next page to see the cutest first meeting between Rhett and his puppy! Exciting times!