We Spend How Much On Pet Supplies!? The Billion Dollar Industry Exposed!

Americans have a habit of overindulging. Of going over the edge when it comes to maxing out their credit cards. When we see something we like, we splurge on it and all things like it. Pet supplies are no different.

We love our dogs, our cats, and even our piglets, and let us not leave out our scaly friends. This fascination on our part means big bucks to greedy conglomerates.

In this rather whimsical expose by Forbes, our need to pamper our puppies, with lavish pet supplies or normal everyday treats is put under the microscope and properly investigated.

The One Percent in particular, only on account that there are no more islands to buy, like to keep up their pet’s veneer as a status symbol with thingamabobs worthy of a maharash or sultan.

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