Baby Emu Couldn’t Contain Excitement Upon Meeting Dog Sibling!

Over the year we’ve been privy to some unlikely animal couples. Nonetheless, it is always a pleasure when these story break the net.

Dogs with cats; Cats with mice; grasshoppers dancing on a croc’s head. This new animal couple once more proves that different species, even predators, and preys, can get along quite well.

Out in the wild, without any adult supervision, these unlikely animal couples occur spontaneously. They take place out of a need for survival, not friendship.

In a controlled environment, with the help of trained professionals, these links are forged far more mechanically. These animal couples are created out of the result of people interfering with their behavioral patterns.

In the following video, we are introduced to two unlikely friends. One, is a baby emu by the name of Emee. The other is a cute little dog.

Turn the page and see how this story ends. Meet the new animal couple to grace the net.