Agility Dog Runs Track One Last Time! Tearjerker.

This agility dog used to compete and win races –but nothing lasts forever. When we get a dog, they are so young, so full of life and it’s as if they could run forever. But the truth is that they grow old, they wrinkle and hurt–and it happens all too fast.

Today, your dog may be an agility super star flying through tunnels and dodging poles with incredible precision but that day will come when they can’t even walk anymore. It’s the painful reality that comes with the love and joy dogs bring into our lives.

 lakota senior dog

Anyone who has sat through an agility competition can see the incredible bond between owner and his prized agility dog. It’s so strong and beautiful and there’s so much trust between the two.

The dog looks and listens to his handler with so much respect as they move as a unit through the obstacle course. And at the end of each course, the dog loves the affection and compliments his handler showers.

But what happens when the dog gets old? In the video you will see next page, an agility dog named Lakota does one last agility run before her retirement, and it’s painfully beautiful. Oh what full life she has lived.

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