Adorable Dog & Insect Duo Will Brighten Your Day

An adorable dog and his insect buddy; it’s a combo you’d imagine seeing only in a cartoon.. and why haven’t they yet? It sounds awesome and would surely work! Don’t believe us? Then maybe this video will change your mind.

This is the only video you need today. Everything else, whatever may pop up in your mailbox, Twitter Feed, or Google whatnot is absolute trash.

Your kid sending you a video of your granddaughter nailing a Home Run and winning the game? Rubbish! Trump or Clinton went and messed up their campaign again? Not even worth the bandwidth. This, I repeat, is the only video you need to see. Don’t waste your valuable time with all that other trash.

There, did I hope I managed to sell you this amazing, life changing clip. Press play and let your troubles, let all the stress of the day sink into the background.