Abused Woman Adopts An Abused Dog To Send A Powerful Message Of Love

A horribly abused dog finally goes home as she was adopted by a woman who knows her struggles all too well. These two are soulmates, no doubt about it.

It all happened in Saint Petersburg, Florida, a blissful and serene corner of the region. A fantastic photo session that encapsulates, for posterity, the alarming rate of domestic and animal cruelty this country constantly finds itself ensconced in.

On one part of the spectrum, you have Melissa Dohme. A victim of horrible abuse by her boyfriend. In 2012, Melissa was stabbed over 32 times by her vindictive ex. A great portion of those cuts were centered around her face.

On the other hand, we find Khalessi, the pit-bull. Also a victim of violence. An abused dog, most likely used as a bait for various illegal rings. Half her face is deformed on account of the maltreatment.

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