9 Dogs Who Want To Go Back Inside The House So Bad

Dogs have different strategies when it comes to having their owners let them back inside the house. Of course, the strategy is fueled largely by the dog’s emotion; some are more desperate than others.

That is to say that the more desperate the dog, the more ridiculous he looks as he struggles to make his way back into the warm cozy inside of a loving abode.

In this article, we’re featuring some of the cutest and silliest dogs who want nothing more than to get back inside the house for a myriad of reasons. I secretly think that perhaps the owner of these dogs locked them outside the house to entice a side-splitting reaction as they try their hardest to be let back inside.

1. Smart critters. Perhaps joining forces like a labor union will increase their chances of getting on. Look at their begging faces. How can you not let them back in?


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