Has Your Dog Been Down Lately? Here Are 9 Common Causes Of Depression In Dogs!

Dogs don’t feel depression out of nowhere. There is a reason behind it and it’s up to you to find it out. Below is the most common triggers of depression in dogs.sad dog

Environmental changes – Changes that can trigger dog depression can be as life-changing as moving to a new home or as simple as removing your dog’s favorite couch. Departure of their favorite playmates for college or when summer is over can also trigger depression in dogs.

Abuse – A dog who has experienced abuse is likely to be destructive, aggressive, withdraw and distrustful towards humans and other dogs. This similar behavior is also evident in neglected and/or abused children.

Clinical depression – It’s no secret that hormones are very powerful, and a disrupt in their balance can easily turn a happy dog into a sad and aggressive one.

Death of a loved one – It doesn’t matter if it’s a pet or human, dogs do grieve the loss of a family member.

Weather and seasonal changes– Dogs are also susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder. During summer when it’s nice and sunny, they get the chance to go outside and play but during winter days, it’s gloomy and cold outside so they’re likely stuck indoors. Weather changes such as in the event of storms also scare the life out of dogs!

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