7 Tips To Save Money On Vet Bills

Pet owners spend an average of $500 on vet bills per dog every year, a poll by conducted by AP-Petside reveals. Vet bills for dogs could be a lot more than that depending on his health and age.

Here are some tips that will help you save money on vet bills.

Get a dog insurance – I can’t stress this enough. You really have to get an insurance for assistance with vet bills for your dog. Let’s say $25 to $50 per month may sound quite a lot but it will be lifesaver if your dog has to undergo a costly medical operation or procedure. Don’t forget that the earlier you get a pet insurance, the better because pet insurances normally don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Go to the vet during regular hours – Avoid going to the vet without an appointment or during after hours as much as possible. If your dog is injured and requires immediate medical attention, feel free to go asap. However, if you feel like your dog can wait another 24 hours, consider making an appointment and wait for a while instead.

Vaccinate – Prevention is better than cure. By vaccinating your dog every year, not only are you saving your dog’s life but your bank account as well.

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