Is That A Tiger?!? 7 Dog Breeds That Went Extinct!

It’s a dog eat dog world sometimes. Every day over 50 species of animals disappear forever from this Earth. Puff, gone in the blink of an eye. Scientist estimate that that fearsome number could actually be higher, in the hundreds.

On a normal day, one without any natural disasters, that means about 3 to 4 species go extinct per hour. The rate of extinction has rapidly shot up during the past century. An alarming percentage that places it at a thousand times faster than the previous epoch.

Overpopulation, contamination, natural disasters, weather phenomenon, wars, nuclear proliferation, all these elements plus many more strangeling the planet’s fauna and flora.

Dogs have not been excused from this plight. The variety of breeds, roaming around today is but a sampling of the sort of phenomenal pedigree and races other ages had in spades.

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