5 Smartest Dog Breeds. But Do You Really Want One?

Dog owners always claim that their dog is the smartest, and we agree with each and everyone of those who do. However, dog intelligence, much like human intelligence, come in various forms. Not all dogs who are smart are highly trainable and eager to work. Whenever humans say they want a smart pet, what they actually mean is obedient. Your prized Beagle may be smart, but he is at the bottom of the list when it comes to following orders.smart dog

Here are the top 5 smart dog breeds that excel in obedience test:

The Border Collie – This breed is known for being workaholic. They are very good sheep herders prized for their intelligence and high energy. They are dubbed by Animal Planet as the “rocket scientist in the dog world.” However, only get a Border Collie if you can match their energy level because they will destroy everything if you leave them with nothing to do.

Sources: Pet MD, Animal Planet 

Featured image courtesy of Animali

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