4 Ways A Dog Can Make You Live Longer

It is true that when you adopt a dog, you are saving his life. But did you know that there are many amazing health benefits in owning a dog? It’s not just all stress and expenses on your part because a dog can actually extend your life by YEARS!

Many dog owner may not realize it but those hugs and kisses and cuddles have been proven to reduce a person’s susceptibility to all sorts of physical and mental disorders.


Here, we rounded up the top 4 ways a dog can improve your overall well-being:

1.Dogs reduce your risk of developing depression and anxiety disorders – A dog brings to your household a bottomless pit for silliness, unconditional love and a soothing presence. Their silliness crazy antic will distract you from being lonely and will always keep your spirits high.

A research done by John Hopkins Depression and Anxiety Bulletin reveals that home residents at St. Louis are less depressed after spending some alone time with a four-legged therapist!



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