Woman Finds 2 Dogs Dumped On Her Porch And Helps Them

They were living a life in the very bowels of hell. Each day that passed was nothing short of an interminable torment and torture. Their faces, their bodies, their very self, battered and broken by the illegal world of dog fighting. Such was the life of the 2 dogs in this story.

The scene I am about to describe takes place in Philadelphia. Last week, while resting up, a local resident happened to look out the window of her home just at the right time.

Sitting on her porch, covered in heaps of scar tissues and open wounds, two pitfalls silently walked about. Bloody footprints tattooing onto her floor.

They were waiting for a kind hand, someone to help them out, someone – for once – that was willing to offer them a bit of kindness.

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