12 Dog Products That Are Downright Insane

People have quirks and these 12 dog products prove just how crazy people can be. It’s five o’clock somewhere, and now, thanks to the good folks at Bowser Beer your dog can sit besides you on the bar stool and share a cold beefy brown ale with you.

Funny dog chairs also have always fascinated us. From way back in their inception.

Back when man first came out of the cave, clubbed a sabertooth tiger, dressed him up in some odd Woolly Mammoth cosplay costume and strapped him into a rickety stone construction. Stone wall pictures depicting this very scene of domestic bliss throughout the world.

Funny dog chairs have clung to the underbelly of society for eons. They are part of our grand history.

Well, now, those funny dog chairs have competition from wild silly imaginations that make the folks in Portland look positive mundane by comparison. Turn to the next page to see 12 dogs products that are downright insane!